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Feed The Hungry


Hunger and lack aren't seasonal, that's why our year-round food and clothing drives need your help. Devote some time to gather in new and slightly used clothing and non-perishable food items. Have a Sunday morning penny march just be creative. Changing someones life is really that easy.  




Our Outreach team is in need of your help. Basic non-perishable food, clothing, shoes, coats, and other household items are needed for our next trip. Since we are all volunteers, we are also in need of finances to purchase building materials and to transport these items. We thank you for your tax deductible contributions

Our Mission


 Miracle Revivals for World Missions is an all volunteer association and vocal advocate for the hungry, needy and displaced. Brother Robert Kromer is a minister who has worked in local churches and in  national and international meetings bringing the message of Gods Heart of Love for those in need.  

Help others in need

Your tax deductible contributions will enable us to change lives and improve conditions. Thank you in advance for your generous donation to our mission.

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before and after photo showing the life changing work we do

Additional Information

This is the pictures of the home a Navajo family was living in. God moved on us to do something to help this families need. This family of 4 adults and 2 children were in living conditions unsuitable for anyone to live in with a dirt floor, no water or electric and no place to use as a bathroom. My heart breaks for those who are living in these conditions on the reservation.  This is not just some isolated instance I have seen other places that truly need our help and by God's grace we will help as many as we can with whatever God places in our hands. 

I remember when I was small we lived on a farm and used an outhouse and they are not very comfortable especially in the winter. This poor family didn't even have one until one was built for them. Praise God for his love and mercy toward this family. 

You can be a part of transforming the lives of others. you may not be able to go and help but maybe you could help us change lives with a monetary gift of any size. It's just that easy to change someone's life.  

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